DB Skimboards European Tour – Sweden

Edit plus mini issue of flatlandmagazine for the sweden leg of last seasons DB European Skim Tour is out.



Friedrich Flüh hitting the flatbox at Halifornia Festival Varberg, Sweden


Daniel launching off a kicker

See all the pictures of the team and read the full article over on: http://skim.co/flatland/flatland-magazine-db-european-skim-tour-sweden/

Edit and pictures by Matt McDonald @ Equalmotion


Announcement Skimlife Episodes 2014

We are stoked to announce  that we will officialy be doing a series of videos entitled ‘SKIMLIFE EPISODES’ throughout this years season featuring Friedrich Flüh, Daniel Prieß, Bengt Graper, Toni Korthals and Grom Lennart Hilker. Follow us as we’ll be shredding our homespots, going out on trips and participating in all the events for the European Skimboarding Cup.

We all want you to be a part of this so follow us on this blog and on facebook.com/beachbreakers

Thanks to our sponsors DB Skimboards, Supremesurf, FÄDD and Skimbowl

Series brought to you by LION FIGHTER Productions, Nordic Lens Photography and binsurfen

Skimlife 2014 this season is going to be a blast!

DB European Skim Tour – Denmark

We only had a few hours in Denmark as we were just driving through the country to get to Sweden for the Halifornia Festival in Varberg. The conditions at the beach we stopped were kinda poor but Daniel and Friedrich still managed to get a few tricks in on this log we found laying around.

A skim session is always what you make of it and we definitely made the most of this one!


Edit and pictures by Matt McDonald @Equalmotion



We’re happy to be relaunching this blog/website to keep everyone of you updated with what will be going with our crew during the 2014 skimboarding season.

Big things are ahead with the European Skimboarding Cup 2014 along lots of cool trips and tours.

We’ll announce something special as soon as the season starts.

Share the blog around so we can make this as much fun as possible for everyone.

Stay strong during the last few cold weeks until we’re all ready to go back out again.