Skimlife Episode 6 – ‘Barcelona’


Really stoked to have Adrien Raza featured in this episode. DB Europe represent yeah!

We made the trip out to Barcelona again this year for the Extreme Barcelona a rad action sports festival. Beside the skim we got in the event pool we also really enjoyed the city with it’s beaches a lot.


That’s it for the skimlife episodes, Danis and Fietes skimlife videoparts are up next.


Skimlife Episode 4 – ‘The Netherlands’

We made the trip to the Netherlands to compete at the second stop of the European Skimboarding Cup in Rotterdam.
Before competing there we met up with the skimboarders in Heerenven to skim their homespot Heidemeer.
After the contest we visited Amsterdam and found two more beautiful spots to skim passing through on our way home in Egmond aan Zee and another beach we randomly looked up on google maps.
4 days 4 spots